About BMS

Welcome to BMS!

At Brilliant Minds School (BMS) we instruct children of different cultures valuing their race, color and creed. We admit children from one year of age (in preschool) to 12th grade of high school.

Our premises include:

Basketball Court

Volleyball court

Soccer court

Swimming pool. We give swimming classes included in our regular school program for all grade levels. The pool is in a secure and delimited area; with strict security measures.

Pre-school Building

Elementary Building

Elementary Building

All classrooms are equipped with audiovisual multimedia resources, digital platform, and digital books

Every classroom has air conditioner

Every classroom has air conditioner

Technology lab with large bandwidth, and equipped with audiovisual-multimedia resources


Psychology and Orientation department

Preschool Play Ground

Experimental Green House

Ample yards to walk and play, covered with trees

Music classroom: Piano, Guitar, Drumbs, Flute

Medical department with a specialized pediatrician


Front view of Brilliant Minds School

Our instruction is centered in developing integral, critical, and creative (ICC) students, focused on developing their 21st century skills.

At BMS, integrity of the ICC means that our students bring with them certain values that reflect moral entirety. To potentialize their integrity, we have a team of teachers who are committed, instruct with love, courage, dedication and through being examples for their students. As an educational community, we complement family values with school values for a healthy, safe, and happy school environment.

healthy, safe, and happy school environment. transformative education, exposing students to problems within their context (within the immediate society or global context), to develop critical thinking competences, so that students can propose alternate and creative solutions based on analyses of the literature, and practical in-field investigations.

From the ICC, creativity is not only stimulated by developing critical thinkers who use literature, theory, and evidence creatively to propose solutions to a problem of context, we also develop creativity through an ample arts program to help develop students’ artistic talents through singing, music to learn how to play an instrument, stage skills, and public speaking Additionally, to develop analysis and reflective skills of the content being taught, we instruct students on developing their multiple intelligences and learning styles. This knowledge helps them understand the thinking process their brain goes through to understand, analyze, reflect and produced based on what they have learned.

We bring joy to learning and demonstrate our passion towards teaching. We firmly believe that a passionate teacher will have motivated students who also demonstrate passion toward learning, and therefore become self-motivated students. We are committed, and it is our responsibility that each child or youth that is instructed by us will have a solid demonstration of love and dedication. Whether they stay in Dominican Republic (DR) or leave abroad, we hope that the love and dedication we give our students will be transmitted by them to their families, the society and our world.

Our purpose it that every child or adolescent that passes by our lives will become a spiritual being, with defined values and clear intentions to improve the world. That is our commitment with God, with all the parents, our students and the global community.


We are blessed by our geographic location. We are located at Marginal Sur, Las Americas avenue, #10 in Alma Rosa II, on the east side of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (DR).

From our windows it is possible to appreciate the beauty of the Dominican nature with trees that give fruits, and palm trees that characterize the avenue and all the school’s outdoor surroundings. This provides our school with a refreshing environment.

At arrival or departure from our school, the ample parking area gives safe access to all families, without getting caught in traffic jam to get to the school doors, at the beginning or the end of the day. The parking area stairs give access to Las Americas´ avenue and to our school entrance at Marginal North street. Our buildings are protected by perimeter security, security cameras, and school entrance with guards.