Work at BMS

You will become part of our family-team conviction.

Brilliant Minds School (BMS) has a team of educators just like you. You will not feel that you are alone and you will not feel that your hard work during the school year will not be relevant or will not be continued the next school year. You will learn to share with a team of people who have the same convictions as yourself, who will be working constantly such as yourself to improve day-by-day, and you will be having fun in the process.

You will join the idea of academic excellence.

o BMS students have a daily attendance of 97%.

o BMS students are expected to surpass English and Mathematics levels of their grade and be at grade level.

o By 8th grade, BMS students are expected to surpass the level of other students within other schools, above the district level in English and Mathematics.

o Thanks to the hard work and persistant goal oriented results, all students should be among the highest or be at the highest level of their group, within our school district.

o At BMS, all students and teachers are constantly challenging each other to grow to become the best teachers and students they can be. The time and the resources will be available to support this purpose.

You will join the ideal of our impact going beyond the current grade level of the students.

At BMS, we focus on, not being better than the competition but that our impact is different and superior. We focus on creating the environment where our students feel complete, relevant and envolved in thier academic and intellectual development. Our team is responsible of supporting and enriching our program to expand knowledge, create collaborative activities, and give counseling.

You will join the ideal that character development goes hand-in- hand with academic achievement.

At BMS, we are students´ role models to teach them how to develop strong character, strive to succeed, be persistant, to develop social intellegence, to have gratitude and a great sense of humor. All of these aspects will help students have happy lives even beyond their time at BMS.