Other Programs

Music and Arts Program

Music and the arts are essential in the lives of children since they help the growth and integral development for a full and happy childhood. At BMS, exposing the child to musical appreciation and the arts is essential. These help stimulate the development of language, creativity and the development of socialization skills. In preschool, children receive musical appreciation classes. From 1st thru 4th grade, flute and from 5th grade and above, guitar, piano and drums.

Sports Program

All levels receive physical education consisting of physical exercises. All students receive classes and training for swimming, in our pool in a closed area with strict security measures. Basketball, soccer and volleyball classes are for second grade and above. In addition, those students have the opportunity to belong to our Sports Teams of Competition. Our sports teams are: Swimming: BLUE MARLINS. Basketball: LYNX, SOCCER TEAM LYNX and Volleyball: GLOW STARS or can belong to the animation team LYNX CHEERLEADERS.

Extra Curricular

Our teams have a rigorous program of special training and carry out various activities of competitions, tournaments, presentations and exchanges throughout the school year.

The basketball team has its ¨Cheerleaders¨ or animation team They receive training in Hip-Hop classes, gymnastics and modern dance. Our sports teams and Cheerleaders have special uniforms and team badges.

Our Band of Music (BMS MUSIC BAND), and the Choir (BMS CHOIR), are composed by our students, who make various presentations during the school year.